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Brake Shoe Set

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Brake Shoe Set The brake shoes are the mechanical part of the braking system that brings your golf car to a stop. This Brake Shoe Set is used on 1991-2008 E-Z-GO Electric 640, 775, & Stock Chaser vehicles, and is an integral part of the braking system.

Used on 1991-2008 E-Z-GO Electric Marathon (1986), 640, 775, 875 & Stock Chaser Vehicles Call us at 949-466-1357!

•Used on 1991-2008 E-Z-GO Electric Marathon (1986), 640, 775 & 875 Industrial Cars, the Stock Chaser, 1989-1996 E-Z-GO 875 and 950 Shuttle Series Vehicles; Is also used on vehicles with non-hydraulic braking systems •This set is used for replacing any existing, or worn brake shoes for safety and maintenance purposes to ensure the optimum performance of your vehicle's braking system •Non-asbestos brake shoe; To replace all of your golf car's brake shoes, two sets of this item should be ordered