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Brake Drum Assembly

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The Brake Drum Assembly is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) replacement assembly used on 1996-current E-Z-GO Gas 4-Cycle Vehicles, Utility Vehicles and Personnel Carriers. This assembly can also be installed on E-Z-GO Electric MPT (Multi-Purpose Truck) Vehicles. Timely replacement of the brake drums are a necessity in maintaining the safe braking ability of your vehicle

•Used on 1996-current E-Z-GO Gas 4-Cycle Vehicles including ST 350 vehicles; This item replaces part number 21807G1P

•This part is NOT suitable for E-Z-GO 800 and 900 Series heavy-duty, gas powered vehicles and 2004-current Industrial & MPT 1000 (Multi-Purpose Truck)

•Has a 1 5/16" center hole with an internal 30-tooth "star" spline to interface with the axle; It is held in place by a castellated nut (3/4" x 16tpi) and a thick (.118") flat washer; All Electric models and the earlier 2-cycle gas hub/drums have a smaller hole and are not interchangeable with this assembly